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1099 Tax Form Update for 2021/2022 Taxes

Update for 2021 Profits: PayPal is responsible for issuing 1099 forms. For 2021 they will issue forms for $20,000 minimum profits through PayPal (including but not limited to profits from Pic-Time). To find your tax form, continue with Paypal here.

Because of this, Pic-Time will not issue the forms automatically to avoid double income reporting for photographers. If you did not reach $20,000 total income through PayPal and did make over $600 in profits from Pic-Time Collected orders, you can apply for a 1099 form issued by Pic-Time instead.

To request a 1099 tax form directly from Pic-Time, update your Name on Invoice, Tax ID/SSN, and check that your business address matches the address on your tax return. Learn more here.

Then fill out the 1099 tax form request here. Your form will then be mailed to you at the end of the month. If for some reason you do not receive it, reach out to our Livechat Support and we will send you an electronic copy.

Update for 2022 Profits: PayPal will issue a 1099 form for income of $600 minimum profits through PayPal. Pic-Time will not issue 1099 forms. To find your tax form, continue with Paypal here.