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How can I choose the grid layout for galleries?

There are various grid layouts that can be chosen for each gallery. A photographer is able to set a default grid layout style in their account settings or choose a grid layout for each individual gallery. They can also control whether the landscape orientation images can be enlarged by the main client.

Choosing Default Grid Layout

Click Settings from the main dashboard.


Select the Brand & Style tab.


Select the drop-down menu under Gallery Style Options and select the grid you would like to be displayed for your galleries.


Choosing Grid Layout on Individual Galleries

Select the Gallery Setup in the gallery.


Select the drop-down menu under Gallery Style Options and select the photo grid for the gallery.


Enlarged Images vs. Gallery Spacing

Landscape orientation images can be enlarged in the gallery by the photographer or the main client of the gallery. Enlarged images in the gallery add variation to the grid and allow the photographer to create a better balance with portrait photos and break the monotonous layout.

Depending on the gallery template chosen by the photographer, the spacing between the photos may vary. To maintain aesthetic gallery consistency the vertical and horizontal spacing between images remain the same size at all times. 

When landscape images are enlarged, photos are rearranged to the best possible fit within the gallery, however, minimal photo cropping may appear to accommodate consistency between photo spacing. For example, after grid adjustments, the photo below was cropped on the edges. 



In cases where cropping is undesirable to your taste, try enlarging or making enlarged photos smaller adjacent to the cropped photo. This will rearrange the grid. You can disable the photo enlargement feature.

To enable the photo enlargement feature, check-mark Enable flexible layout grid in the Gallery Setup tab.