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How do I customize a brand and add multiple brands?

In the account settings, a photographer is able to customize their brand and add additional brands. Features such as watermark, logo, social channels, custom domain & print release can be adjusted in the brand section of the settings. 

Business Plan

To add multiple brands, first update your subscription to the Business Plan. Click on Settings from the main dashboard.


Click on Upgrade under the Plans & Billing tab.


Upgrade the plan to Business and confirm the charge to your account. 

Adding a Brand

To add an additional brand to the account click on Brand & Style in the Settings tab.


Click Add Brand. Confirm the charge for the new brand to your account.

Adjusting Branding

These settings in the Brand & Style tab will allow for the logo, social channels, custom domain, print release and watermark to be changed for each specific brand. 


You can upload a dark and a light logo. The dark logo will be displayed on gallery covers with a light background, the navigation bar in the gallery, on the portfolio page and in the header of all branded emails. 

The light logo will be used for gallery covers with a dark background.


Email, Website, and Social Channels

The email is used for outgoing emails. When a client replies back to any emails that are sent through the Pic-Time system, the message is sent to this email address.


The website address is connected in the gallery.


Gallery visitors can access the photographer website by hovering over the photographer logo and selecting Go To Site.


Gallery visitors will also be redirected to the photographer website if they choose to log out of their user account while browsing their Pic-Time gallery. 

The social channels are used to provide easy access for the client. These channels are displayed in the gallery, in the emails sent to client and on the portfolio page.