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How do I resend a gallery invitation to the photographer invited users?

You can share the gallery with various photographer invited users and resend the invitation to individual or all users. This tutorial will go over how to resend an invitation to photographer invited users.

Resending the Invitation

In the share tab of the gallery, you can resend the invitation to those photographer invited users that you have previously shared the gallery with. Hover over the user information and click the three dots menu. You can choose to resent the individual invitation or Resend All

If needed, modify the email message and click Send Email when ready. 

Sharing with Photographer Invited

In case you need a quick guide on how to share the gallery with new photographer invited users, you can follow these steps. In the Share tab of the gallery, click Invite via Email. 

Add the Name and Email of the recipient. Click Send Invitation when ready. 

You can also add information for multiple recipients at the same time by clicking +Add More