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Is Pic-Time GDPR compliant?

Pic-Time has made changes to become GDPR compliant as of May 2018. European photographers can continue using the site for their services knowing that the site is legallery compliant with GDPR practices. 

As part of the change, this is the adjustments that Pic-Time has made in May 2018: 

  • Update to the Privacy Policy outlining the how personal data is kept and used. To view Pic-Time Privacy Policy follow this link. To download a PDF, click here
  • Institution of the Data Processor Agreement, which provides conditions between Pic-Time and the photographer in regards to privacy and ownership of data. To access the Data Processor Agreement follow this link. To download a PDF, click here.  
  • Users have the ability to opt-out of email notifications when entering the site. 
  • Changes in the office to insure a proper way of managing personal data. 

Pic-time is responsible for holding data to provide services relating to the site. Personal data is not used and/or sold for any other reason. If any user wishes to have their personal data removed, they can contact our support team at