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What are the commission rates for various subscription plans?

Commission Free Plans

Pic-Time offers commission-free store sales for all paid plans (with the exception of Art Gallery Professional plan) when you switch to collecting payments in the store yourself

Default Commissions 

By default, Pic-Time collects payments in the store if you do not reconfigure your store settings. In this case, Pic-Time collects a small commission percentage, from your order profit amount only, to cover credit card fees and store maintenance. The commission rate varies per each plan. Below are the rates for each plan. 

Client Gallery plans only OR bundled Client Gallery and Art Gallery plan

Free plan: 15%

Professional: 8%

Advanced: 6%

Business: 5%

Art Gallery Plan only

Professional: 15% (commission is always collected, regardless of store setup)

Advanced: 15%

Business: 15%