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What are the properties of a burned watermark?

During the uploader process, a burned watermark is permanently embedded in the low-resolution images displayed in the gallery. In addition to displaying the watermark in the gallery, share tab and on Web-Size downloads, it is displayed in the store preview. This will guarantee that there are no unwatermarked images displayed to the clients at any point of their site experience. 

Galleries uploaded while the settings are set to Burn into Low-Res watermark will be the only ones affected. If you decide to no longer display a burned watermark on a previously uploaded gallery, you will need to change the watermark settings and re-upload the images into the gallery. 

If your settings are set to Burn into Low-Res, the galleries that have images that were uploaded prior to having this setting will not display a watermark. For example, if a gallery had a regular watermark and then you enabled the burned watermark, all previous galleries with the regular watermark will lose the watermark. To keep the watermark, the old images would need to be re-uploaded into the gallery. 

Burn Watermark Setup

Click Settings from the main dashboard.


Select the Brand & Style tab.


Upload your watermark.


From the dropdown menu, select Burned Watermark.


When you select to burn the watermark into the low-res images, you will no longer be able to manage the settings per each project. The settings would include disabling/enabling the watermark per project, user type or scene. The watermark is permanently displayed for all user types, in all scenes and all projects (that are uploaded after you choose to burn the watermark setting). 

Tray Display 

Watermark is displayed in the gallery cover, gallery preview, tray, quick shop etc. 

Store Front Page

Watermark is displayed in the example product images for all of the original store items. 

Store Design Tool 

Store items in the designer tool display the watermark. Note, when using one of the integrated Pic-Time labs, the photographer logo will not be printed on the physical items.