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What is included under Professional Workflows for Paid Plans?

The Pic-Time paid plans to include Professional Workflows, which are the additional options under the Workflow tab of the gallery. These options include the client selection tool, the album proofing tool, and the image downloading tool. To discover these tools, select the Workflow tab of the gallery.

Client Selection Tool

The client selection tool enables you to open a selection and request for your client to select photos for the selection. You can manage the maximum number as well as the text for the request. 

Album Proofing Tool

Album proofing tool was created to bring flexibility to the photographer when it comes to sending album proofs to the client. You can send your clients your designed album proofs, collect their comments and review their suggestions.  

Transferring Photos

The Professional Workflows include the ability for you to be able to download or obtain a CSV list of the images. You can review the client's activity in the Workflow tab. 

You can download the photos to your computer or obtain a CSV list of the filenames.