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Art Galleries are now included in all Paid Plans with Pic-Time Complete

We are excited to announce that we are adding Art Galleries to all our paid subscription plans. Our main mission is to provide you with the tools that will echo the impact of your images in our ever changing industry. Whether it’s digital or print, we want to amplify your talent and grow your business. We believe the Art Gallery is an essential part of this vision, so it is now included in all paid plans.  


What does this mean for new users?

When you sign up for any Pic-Time Complete paid plan - the Art Galleries are now included! 

What does this mean for Client Gallery users?

The Art Galleries are automatically added to your subscription at no extra cost. Learn more about creating your own Art Gallery here! 

What does this mean for Art Gallery users?

The Art Galleries will remain as standalone plans – now called “Pic-Time Art” – so nothing will change for you!  

What does this mean for Bundle users?

As a bundled user, you’ll no longer need to pay an additional cost to add on the Art Galleries to your subscription. We’ve converted your subscription to Pic-Time Complete and extended your next payment date to account for the change.

  •  If you’re on a Monthly plan, you’ll be charged the Pic-Time Complete subscription amount on your next billing statement.  
  •  If you’re on a Yearly plan, you’ll see your subscription extended to account for the difference you would have paid over the remaining time on your Bundle plan. The amount of extra time will depend on the exact number of days you have left on your subscription. Essentially, you receive more time to enjoy Pic-Time Complete. For example, if you are on the Advanced Yearly plan and have 4 months left of your current subscription, then you’ll receive 1 extra month (actual extra days will depend on when your subscription began).