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What are the differences between an Art Gallery and a Client Gallery?

General Purpose

Your client galleries are designed to be delivered to individual (or specific) clients, such as a gallery for wedding, portrait session etc. This gallery usually has a limited number of clients/guests that you share the gallery with and can be made private. 

Art Galleries are created to display and sell your artwork, often time referred to as a print shop. These galleries are public and are typically shared with a wide audience.

Store Products

The products in the Client Galleries can be designed by your clients. They have full control over choosing between the different variations of the type of each product. For example, they can choose the size of a frame if you offer more than one size or a cover type for the album. They can even edit the crop of the photo within each product. 

Art Galleries have specific products, added by you, that the client cannot edit. Each time you add a new product to your Art Gallery, you set the size, color, crop etc. This way, you can have full artistic control over the type or product you are adding to the gallery. 

Gallery Features

Client Galleries have many features and some noteworthy features include: photo selection, text in the gallery scenes, album proofing, highlight scene, favorites and downloading. 

Art Galleries noteworthy features include: ability to add descriptions (text or audio) to each photo, custom gallery grid and style and limited edition items

Store Pricing Setup

For Client Galleries you can set-up a price list and assign it to the gallery. 

For Art Galleries you assign a price list to the gallery and You can modify the pricing of each item individually when setting up the products to offer in each gallery.