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Bay Photo Lab Price Update 2022

Bay Photo Lab will be updating some of their product prices on March 1st, 2022. Some prices for specific products and sizes will increase, while others will decrease. Disruption to global supply chains has caused a price surge in material, labor, and distribution costs, which has led Bay Photo to this decision. 


Magazines - Decrease of magazine cost by 51%, cost for additional spreads will increase by 167%

  • Magazine cost: $17.80
  • Additional spread cost: $4.40

Matted Frames & Frames - Increase of up to 22%

Metal Prints - Increase of up to 44%

Print Pack - Decrease of 21%

Prints - Increase of up to 80%, sizes 4x6 and 5x5 Semi Gloss & Matte will increase up to 182%, and a decrease of up to 12% (on specific paper types and sizes) 

  • 3.5 x 5 Matte - $0.88
  • 4 x 6 Semi Gloss - $0.79
  • 4x6 Matte - $0.88
  • 5x5 Semi Gloss - $0.99
  • 5x5 Matte - $1.10

Print Box - Increase of up to 26% on prints*, size 5x7 Semi Gloss will increase by 67%, and size 4x6 Semi Gloss will increase by 216% 

  • 4x6 Semi Gloss - $0.79
  • 5x7 Semi Gloss - $1.65

*Increase applies only to prints, not box prices

Check Your Price Change Policy

We encourage you to review your price change policy to understand how price adjustments affect you. If you have not set a price policy in your account, the default option will automatically keep your dollar markup with any price cost increase. For more information, click here.