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How can a gallery visitor download the gallery by scene?

Pic-Time allows users (who have downloading permissions associated with their account) to download the images from the gallery by scenes.

Downloading by Scene

Place at least one of the desired photos in the download tray by hovering over the photo and clicking on the downward facing arrow

Click on the downward facing arrow in the navigation bar to access the download tray. 

Click on +Add Scene and select the scene you would like to add to your download tray. 

Select which photo you would like to add by check-marking the image. Alternatively, you can click on Select All and Unselect All

Click Add when finished making the selection. 

If the photographer has allowed multiple size options, select the size you would like to download. 

Click Download to Computer

To optimize download speed, images are grouped in a zip file(s). Click on to begin the download to your computer. 

The zip file(s) will be saved to the designated “downloads” folder on your computer. After your download is complete, extract the photos from the zip file by double clicking on the zip folder or by using a third party software for zip file extraction.