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How can my client purchase & download high-res photos?

When you choose to sell High-Res photos, your client can purchase them straight from the gallery or the store. They can choose individual photos, buy all photos or select photos from their collections (favorites, scenes etc.). The digital photo product is also available through the storefront.

Purchasing an Individual Photo

Hover over the photo you would like to purchase and click Buy.  

Click Downloads and select to Buy One Photo or Buy Full Gallery

Your photo is now added to your cart.  

Purchasing All Photos

Click the downward facing arrow in the navigation bar and select Buy Full Gallery - High-Res.

Choose to Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout

Purchasing a Collection of Photos

Select the downward facing arrow in the navigation bar and click Multiple Selection

Choose from the collections on the left side, adjust the image selection and click Buy Photos- High-Res

Purchasing via the Store

Select the Digital Photos from the storefront. 

Select the photos from the photo carousel at the bottom of the page.

Click Add to Cart

Cart Check-Out

If you arenโ€™t in your cart already, you can click on the cart icon in the navigation bar. 

Enter the Coupons (if applicable) and click Continue. Depending on the configuration of the store, you may likely be asked to enter billing information before your order is placed. If there are physical products in your cart, you will also be asked to enter shipping information. 


Once the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation on the site and by email.ย  


Downloading Purchased Photos via the Gallery

You will receive an email that has a direct link to the downloads folder. Click Download Photos

You can also access the photos via your gallery orders (from the main page of the gallery). Click on the Menu Icon in the upper right corner and select Orders

Locate the order and click on Download Photos