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FAQ On Transitioning to the New Sales Automation Platform

What will happen to my old campaigns and the coupons that I have issued from the old system?

The old campaigns are no longer active on Pic-Time. 

I really like the email banner graphics Pic-Time provides in the old marketing platform. Will they still be available on the new platform?

Yes! Email banner graphics from the old platform will still be available on the new platform. The banners will be displayed on a per project or per user level, depending on the app.

Do the coupon codes work differently in the new platform?

Yes. Here are the key changes:

  1. With the new platform, a code that is issued to a user can only be used by this user. So even if another user knows the code, they still will not be able to use it. This means that you can now use any text for a code without worrying that an unauthorized user will use it too.
  2. Coupon codes can now be stacked! For example, your client can now combine a % off coupon with another free shipping coupon. If you choose to allow stackable discounts, make sure that after the combined discounts you still have a profit margin, as discounts will always be calculated from the full price.

What are the changes to banners?

Banners, created in an app, will now be targeting specific users/projects. This is different from the old platform where if you created a banner, it would show in every single project for every user.

How can I track all the emails that these new sales automation apps send out?

All the sent sales automation app emails can be found in the project’s User Activity screen.

Why are the apps sending out emails at a different time than what I specified when setting them up?

The scheduled emails for the sales automation apps is based on the timezone set in Settings -> Profile, so do make sure that you have that set up as the right time zone that you’re in.

Can I control the emails that get sent out by the sales automation apps?

Yes. You can edit all the emails that are sent out, including reminder emails.