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How can I add automation to my gallery with minimal setup?

Grow your sales with automated marketing! With the Automation Quick-add feature, you can enable various, highly successful automations to your gallery with minimal setup. This makes implementing an offer and running a promotion a breeze.

In the gallery’s Automation & Discounts tab, you can enable any of the most popular promotions.


We recommend enabling the first 4 of our best performing campaigns in order to cover the whole lifecycle of the gallery to all gallery recipients.

Early Bird: run a promotion once the gallery is published and there is excitement for the photos

Abandoned Cart: bring people back if they abandoned their cart with a 24-hour sale. Highly successful!

Expiration: run a sale before the gallery goes offline (default set to 9 months after the gallery is live)

Anniversary Gift: bring your gallery visitors back with a yearly sale for the anniversary! Even if the gallery is offline, it will be kicked back to online status through the duration of the campaign. 

App Setup

Each offer has minimal set-up and the settings may vary depending on the automation you choose. 

For example, when you enable the Early Bird offer you will need to set up the duration, discount amount and discount description (which your client will see in their cart when they use their coupon). IMPORTANT: Make sure your prices have enough markup margin for the discount. You can increase your prices with a pricing markup feature.


The campaign includes default outgoing emails and active banners in the gallery (for the recipients of the promotion). The emails and banners will be seen to your recipients. 

The text and design for the emails and banners were carefully tailored by our experienced team and you can modify it to fit your preferences by clicking on See Full App Options. Some apps have additional set-up fields and there are many more apps to choose from our Automation platform. To learn more about the Sales Automation platform, click here. 


You can modify the emails, banners and more when you modify full app setup.