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How can I join the Sales Automation Beta?


We are super excited to introduce our beta for the new Sales Automation feature! We've always wanted to make it easier for photographers to grow their store sales with minimum effort, and now we’re doing it with the new amazing feature! 

Under Marketing > Sales Automation (Beta), you will find a variety of strategies created together with an amazing group of educators, bringing you successful sales strategies that have already been working for them.

To choose a strategy, click on the "+" icon to view all the apps (this is our name for the strategies). 

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Each specific app is unique in how the campaign is set and triggered, and with each one you can customize all parameters, from setting the durations for your offer, adjusting the discount, and editing email reminders and banners displayed in the gallery.


Along with all apps you will find a variety of new banner options with the ability to control the style and the design.

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After adjusting the app to your needs you are ready to save the app and easily assign it to any project. Under the project’s new Sales Automation (Beta) tab, just select the Choose option to add any of your installed apps to that project.

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So ... if you’re up to try it, you're welcome to sign up for our Beta! 

Feel free to contact our LiveChat to be added. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of users that can be added. Note: this feature is still in BETA and we are working out kinks in the Automation. We will appreciate any feedback, so please send your comments to