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How do I create and use the Gallery Visitor Boost App?

The Gallery Visitor Boost app promotes user pre-registration, which allows you to create excitement around the gallery by automatically sending an increased discount to pre-registered visitors, and a smaller discount to users who do not pre-register. All visitors can also be emailed a discount before the gallery expires.

Begin by installing the app.

Name your app and click Add Automation App.

The first section is in regards to the pre-registration phase. This is when the gallery is still offline but has a pre-registration link that users can view to leave their email to be notified when the gallery is live.

First begin with the Main Client email. This is what is sent to the main clients letting them know to share their gallery pre-registration link with friends and family.

Adjust the trigger if you would like to delay the announcement email to an optimized time or send immediately. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

Editing Emails

To start editing the email, first click on the pencil icon.

Then begin by adjusting the banner image. Click Change Image.

Once you choose your banner image, you can modify the email subject, message title, email message, and button text. You can add the pre-registration link directly to the email with the dynamic text code. Click Apply to save your changes.

Similarly, you can adjust the trigger and edit the confirmation email that is sent to pre-registered users after they have signed up to the gallery, letting them know that their registration was successful.

You can also delete any emails by clicking on the trashcan icon over the email graphic.

The next two sections of the app cover the Early Bird phase, which occurs when the gallery first goes online. You can set up a separate discount for pre-registered users and non pre-registered users.

First set the duration of the Early Bird phase. The duration begins when the user visits the gallery for the first time. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

Then set the discount for pre-registered users.

Here you can modify the discount, description, code, whether you want to apply free shipping, whether you want to have a minimum order amount for this coupon, if you want to allow discount stacking, or if you want to limit the coupon to specific products. We suggest a larger discount for pre-registered users. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

Next you can customize the discount email that is sent to pre-registered users after the gallery has been published (or after the user has been approved), as well as any reminder emails.


Now you can begin customizing the banners for pre-registered users. There are 5 types of banners: text banner, large banner, photo banner, product row, and store rotator. Each banner has various editable parameters.

Text Banner

The text banner is located at the top of the gallery, underneath the navigation bar of the gallery. The banner is pinned to the top of the gallery while scrolling. You can edit the text, text color, and background color.

Large Banner

Large banners are shown in the gallery stream between scenes and have a larger number of customizable fields. You can edit the image, content, and style of these banners.

Photo Banner

The photo banner is displayed in the gallery stream, in the midst of the photos. It shows a countdown clock for the duration of the campaign. Similarly to the large banner, you can edit the image, content, and style of this banner.

Product Row

The product row allows you to pick 3 products that are displayed at the bottom of the gallery stream. You can modify the title and subtitle of the product row and choose 3 products. Note, if you choose a specific size or type of product, it will still display the general name of the product (i.e. if you choose a 10x10 Lay Flat Album, it will display Lay Flat Albums as the product) but if the client clicks on the product, they will start with the specific size/type you selected.

Store Rotator

The store rotator banner is located in the gallery store, above the products. You can modify the content, style, and image of this banner.

Similarly, you can add a discount, and customize the emails and banners for non pre-registered users.

For the last step in the Early Bird phase, set how you would like pre-registered users to be approved.

Users are automatically approved when the project is published, or you can enable the option for the Main Clients to manually approve users instead. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

The next phase of the app is the gallery expiration, which can be toggled on or off.

First, set the gallery expiration date. This date is relative to when the project is first published. For example, if you chose 9 months, the project will expire 9 months after you have published the gallery by sharing it with your clients or marking the gallery online. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

Then you can set the duration of the expiration promo. This date will also be relative to when the project is first published. For example, if you set the gallery expiration date for 9 months, and the expiration promo duration for 1 month, then the expiration promo will begin 8 months after the project was first published. Click Apply when you are ready to save your changes.

Now you can set your discount, emails, and banners for the gallery expiration promo. This will be sent out to all users of the gallery.

Finally, leave yourself any notes and click Save to save the app.

Assigning the App to Galleries

After you have created your app, you can assign it to your galleries! To assign to one or more galleries, click on the app from the Sales Automation Dashboard.

Then select Assign to Galleries.

For this app the only set up is project assignment, so you can click on the pencil icon to select your projects.

For this app you will want to select offline projects to utilize the pre-registration portion of the app. You can use the project filter to view only your offline projects. Click Apply when you’re ready to save your changes.

To apply to an individual app, go into the project’s Sales Automation tab and click Choose.

Select your app from the list of active apps. 

Since no additional set up is required, click Apply to assign the app to the project.

Then from the project’s Share tab, enter your Main Client name and email, but do not click the Send to Client button, as this will trigger the project to go online. Once the app is assigned to the project it will automatically send the Pre-Registration Invite Email to the main client while the project is still offline.

Then when the project is ready to be published and sent, you can click on the Send to Client button to email your Main Clients. This will automatically publish the gallery and trigger the Pre-Registered User Announcement Email.