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How do I monitor User Activity?

The User Activity feature allows you to track any activity within the gallery. This includes an extensive, detailed list of gallery views, downloads, shared photos, shop views, items added to the cart, website visits and a track of emails sent to the client.

User Activity Details

Click Marketing from the main dashboard.

Select the User Activity tab. 

Review the summary of activities for each gallery. You can see a breakdown of total actions for Gallery Views, Share, Downloads, Shop Views, Added to Cart and Website Visits. Click on a specific gallery to see more. 

Each gallery has a breakdown of the activity totals per User Type. Click on the User Type to see more.  

You can view the User Name, User Email, Activity Type, Date and Time, Details etc. for each user. 

For convenience, you can sort the columns in alphabetical order by clicking on the header. 

Activities that included an email correspondence will have the email under the View column. Click Email to review the email that was sent to the client. 

If any gallery visitors add items to their cart you can review it under the User Activity or open carts. Find the cart activity and click on the cart item or View to review the cart. 

Downloading the Report

If you would like to download a CSV file of the Activity Report, click the Downward Facing Arrow

Request Visitor Emails

To request emails from any guests visiting the gallery you must select Request email before entering under the Gallery Setup tab of the project. 

Daily Activity Report 

If you would like to receive a daily User Activity Report, click Settings from the main dashboard. 

Under the Preferences tab, checkmark Receive daily User Activity Report.