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What is an Optimized Send Schedule?

When you schedule your campaign emails you can select that the emails are sent out at the time of the trigger or using an optimized send schedule. What is an optimized send schedule?


There are optimal times to send an email to your clients. These are the times your clients are more likely to check their emails and have the time to open the contents of the emails (they’re at their work desk, home etc. and not on-the-go). Those times are considered to be 8 am, 2 pm and 8 pm. 

When you choose an optimized send schedule, the emails will be sent out at the next closest optimal time. For example, if the original email trigger is at 6 am the email will wait to go out at 8 am (next closest optimal time). However, if you email trigger is within an hour of the optimal time, it will go out immediately. For example, if the email is originally triggered at 8:30 am it will go out immediately since it’s within an hour of an optimal time.