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How do I display galleries on the portfolio page?

Each Pic-time account comes with a professional, portfolio page, which photographers can use to showcase their galleries. Based on your settings, visitors to your Portfolio Page will be able to browse public galleries, view sneak peeks of selected photos in private galleries, and login to their own password-protected gallery. Each gallery can be configured to be hidden/displayed on the portfolio page. To view your Portfolio Page, simply click the clip icon to the lower left of your dashboard.

Show on Portfolio

Access the gallery and select the Gallery Setup tab. 

Select Show on Portfolio to display the gallery on your portfolio page.

Selecting Sneak Peaks

Sneak Peak Images are the initial images displayed in a private and public galleries. It is a simple way to create a collection of public photos (which are Search Engine Optimized on Google) in a blog-like format. The SEO button opens a text box in which you can write a description about your gallery. This text is visible on search engines and improves the chance of people engaging with your portfolio, as well as seeing your work simply based on web searches. Once you select to display a gallery on the portfolio page, click on Select Sneak Peeks

Select the images to display as sneak peeks and click Apply

Sneak Peak images are only available to view and to Pin on Pinterest and not for download. 

If the gallery is is private, the visitors (users who have not been invited to the gallery previously) will only see the selected sneak peek photos when accessing the gallery from the portfolio page. They will be asked to login when clicking on View All Photos in order to access the rest of the images. 

If the gallery is public, the visitors (users who have not been invited to the gallery previously) will see the sneak peaks and can click on View All Photos to see the rest of the gallery. 

Arranging Galleries on the Portfolio Page

Select Projects from the main dashboard. 

Click Arrange Portfolio

Hover over the gallery you would like to move and click the moving arrows in the upper right corner of the cover photo. Drag the gallery to the desired position. The changes are auto-saved in the browser.