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Can I upload GIF files into the gallery?

Pic-Time supports JPEG and GIF files as uploads to the gallery, including covers. If you allow sharing and downloading in the gallery, these settings would apply to GIF files. The files are not resized at the time of the upload, therefore the original size is available as both High-Res and Web-Size downloads. GIFs do not display in the store unless you add a custom product to the store or you sell downloads in the store. In this case, GIFs can be purchased from the store as downloads. 

GIF files have the same file size limit as our JPEGs, which is 12000x10000 and 50MB. For optimal viewing experience, we do not recommend GIFs larger than 1MB.

In the Photo tab of the project, click the + plus icon to upload a new photo. 


The GIF will be displayed in the gallery, just like the rest of the photos. 

You can upload your GIF as a cover photo via the Name & Cover tab or click Set as Cover in the photos tab. 

Photos courtesy of Rosey Red Photograpy. To preview the gallery, click here

To upload GIFs, please update your uploader app to version 3.0.167778.0

Click below to update your uploader!
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for Windows