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Can you transfer galleries from other photo-sharing platforms to Pic-Time?

Pic-Time offers to move the galleries from other photo-sharing platforms to our platform for ¢.50 per gallery when you purchase two years of the yearly plan, $1 per gallery when you purchase one year of the yearly plan, and $2 per gallery for monthly plans. If you have over 300 galleries to transfer, there is also an additional 15% discount. 

To get started, check out our gallery migration guide, fill out this form and our migration team will get started on your galleries. For questions, email our migration team directly, 


Are client emails moved with the galleries?


For services that have a clear main client, the email(s) is moved over as the main client to Pic-Time. For services that don’t have a clear main client, the email(s) are moved over as Photographer Invited users to Pic-Time. 

Galleries can be migrated from: Pixieset, Smugmug, ShootProof, CloudSpot, ZenFolio, Instaproof, Pass +.

Email information can be transferred from these services only: 

Shootproof: main clients are transferred as main clients in Pic-Time

Pixieset: main clients are added as main clients in Pic-Time and other emails are added as guests

CouldSpot: registered users are added as photographer invited

Pass+: all emails are added under the same gallery visitor types

Zenfolio: visitors are migrated as photographer invited

Is the gallery structure preserved (scenes)?


How long does migration take?

We shoot for 2-3 weeks, but time may vary based on demand and the number of galleries being migrated. Please always check with our team by emailing for a time estimate. 

Can I move just some of my galleries?

Yes, you don’t have to move all the galleries. You can request to move a selection of galleries from your account. Pic-Time requires a minimum of 10 galleries. 

Is migration available for all Pic-Time plans?

Migration is available to all users on paid/upgraded plans.