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How can I set the expiration date for my Client Galleries?

For any of your Client Galleries, you can set an expiration date so your galleries will automatically expire and will be changed to an Offline status. The gallery will remain on your account (and will be counted towards your account storage) but won’t be accessible to your client. In this tutorial, we will show you how to set your gallery expiration date and how your expiration date works with the Sales Automation apps.

Setting Expiration via Gallery Setup Tab

In the Gallery Setup tab, check-mark Expire Gallery

Choose the expiration date of your gallery and click Apply. 

Your gallery expiration date will be displayed in the Gallery Setup tab and you can change it any time through the Settings button.

‘Expiration alert’ emails will be sent to the main client 7 days, 4 days and one day before expiration.Once the gallery is offline, the ‘Project Expired’ email will be sent. These emails can be customized under Settings> Email Packages.

Note: when an automation app is active in the gallery, any app expiration emails will replace the system expiration emails.

Setting Expiration via Gallery Expiration App

You can set up your gallery expiration using the Expiration Sales Automation App - this way, you can run a sale with email and banners prior to the gallery expiring.

Expiration & Sales Automation Campaigns Apps

You can also set your gallery to expire with various Automation Campaign Apps. For example, Existing Gallery Backup App, Gallery Expiration App or Gallery to Backup System. 

The expiration phase within the app will function according to the expiration date that you have previously set in your gallery settings. If you did not set a date, then the app will automatically set the date.

Note: It can take up to 20 mins from the defined expiration time to the actual gallery turning offline.