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How do I integrate SmartSlides slideshows to Pic-Time?

Each photographer is able to embed their SmartSlides slideshows to their Pic-Time galleries. URLs with custom domain via SmartSlides are supported by Pic-Time. Also, the client can download their video from the gallery.

Adding Video

Select the Photo tab in your gallery. 

Click Add Scene. You will need to create a new scene which will contain the video. 

Modify scene name and click to add video content to the scene. 

Paste the link to your video and click Apply.


Your video will be displaying in the scene of the gallery, like so. 

Downloading Video from SmartSlides

Note: Due to additional costs of rendering slideshows into video files, this feature is available on SmartSlides Pro and Studio plan options only. 

You can enable for your embedded video to be downloaded via the gallery when using SmartSlides. For new projects, select Allow clients to download slideshow MP4 video.  

For current projects, click on the Settings icon and select Allow clients to download slideshow MP4 video.

The download option will be available on the video embedded in the gallery once the rendering complete (about 20 minutes).