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How do I manage download permissions?

Pic-Time interface offers 4 different types of users: Main Client, Photographer Invited, Guest, and Client Invited. The download permissions for the users can be adjusted for each gallery. The photographer is also able to adjust web-size and high-res availability for each gallery.

Download Pin

There is no download pin required when downloading photos from the gallery. Instead, the photographer can control the download privileges for each user type. This option gives more control to the photographer over who can download the images from the gallery. The download pin can be shared with others and can sometimes end up in the wrong hands. By eliminating the download pin and providing a user-friendly download control panel, the photographer is able to determine who will have the option to download the images.

Adjusting Download Permissions

Begin by selecting the Gallery Setup tab in the project and checkmark Client can download photos.


Click Settings

Check-mark the size you would like to make available and the type of user that would have permission to download. 

If you would like to only allow a specific number your downloads, you can set a number for the High-Res photo. Please note, if you allow 10 downloads, then the 2 main clients can download 10 photos total (between the two clients). If one client downloads a photo, then it will be available to the other client for free.

You can also select Sell Hi-Res photos if you would like to sell high-resolution images from the gallery. 

Set the size for your downloaded photos

High-Res: Choose the original size or set a specific size using the width and height proportions. 

Web-Size: Select the pixel size for the long edge of the photo. 

Also, you are able to adjust which scenes are available for download. 

Click Apply when finished. 

Sending A Link with Download Permissions

In a case where a photographer would like to share a link with download permissions with a user(s), they can set the download settings to allow Main Clients and Photographer Invited to download images and share a secure link via the share tab. For example, this becomes convenient in a situation where the bride and the groom (main clients) want to share a link that would allow their family and friends to download the images.

To begin, set the download settings to allow free high-res and/or web-size to be downloaded by the Main Clients and Photographer Invited. Click Apply to save. 

Select the Share tab within the project. 

Click Get Secure Link.  

You can select which scene to share via the link. Click on Get Link to generate a special access URL.

Copy the link to share with others. Users entering the gallery via this link will be able to download the images. 

Download Accessibility via Storage

After a year of the original upload date, the photos are stored in long-term storage. The photos in the storage are easily accessible to you and your client. When you or your client download the photos, you can click to be notified when theyโ€™re packaged and ready to download. This may take about 2-15 hours. You or your client will receive an email once the photos are ready. You can learn more about it here.