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How do I manage gallery access codes?

Creating Access Codes for your gallery users can provide a level of security to your gallery. Gallery Access Codes can be created for the photographer invited and the guest tier of the gallery. The photographer can create the code and send the code and the gallery link to the gallery visitor. The code can also be used instead of a password created by the visitor to register their account.

Creating an Access Code

In the Share tab of the gallery click + Get Code under the Photographer Invited or Guest section. 

Type the code you would like to set-up. Copy the link and the code to share with your gallery visitors. Click Apply to save the code. Alternatively visitors can enter the code through the portfolio page.

Client View

Visitors entering the gallery with the link you provide will be asked to enter the code before they gain access to the gallery. 

If you choose to Request email before entering the gallery in the Gallery Setup tab, the visitor will then be asked to identify themselves by entering their Name and Email. 

To request emails before entering, select the Gallery Setup tab and checkmark Request emails before entering the gallery

If you do not require emails before entering, visitors will be asked to enter their email when they engage with the gallery by favoriting, downloading, sharing, adding items to cart, saving their store designs or uploading images to the store designs.