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How do I use the Pre-Registration/Request Access gallery feature?

When set-up by the photographer, gallery visitors can pre-register or request access to the gallery. The emails can be approved or rejected by the photographer and/or the main client (this is defined by the photographer), or approved automatically.

Pre-registration Link functions when the gallery is set to Offline. This is useful at large events when a gallery is created prior to the event. The pre-registration link can be shared with future gallery guests. Once the access is approved, an email will be sent inviting the gallery guest to the gallery.

Request Access Link functions when the gallery is set to Online and for Private galleries ONLY. Users entering the gallery via the access link can ask for access using their email address. They will have access to the gallery if granted by the photographer, the main client or automatically. 

Get Link

In the Share tab, check-mark Allow users to Pre-Register / Request Access to the gallery. Choose whether the photographer or the photographer and the main client can approve users. You can also select that the users are approved automatically. 

Select Get Pre-Registration Link to share with your gallery visitors. 


After clicking Get Link, one will be generated for the gallery. You can copy the link to send your gallery visitors. 



The pre-registration link works while the gallery is set to Offline. 


Users accessing the gallery via the Pre-Registration link will be asked to input their Name and Email. 


Once the guest sends their name and email request, they will receive a confirmation page with the photographer’s social media links. 

Pre-Registration Loop

When using the Pre-Registration feature during events, you may want to use the Pre-Registration Loop. The email gathering page will be automatically refreshed 10 seconds after a user finished entering their details, more suitable to cases where people keep registering one after the other.

Add ‘loop’ to the end of your URL. For example: 

Original Pre-Registration Link: 

Pre-Registration Loop Link:

Request Access

Request Access link works while the gallery is set to Online and Private. 


Users accessing the gallery via the link will be able to input their Name and Email and send a request for access for approval. 


Approving Users - Photographer

The emails for Pre-Registration or Requesting Access can be found in the Share tab. The photographer can see a list of emails and Approve or Reject the users. 


Approving Users - Main Client

If you allow the main clients to approve the users, they can do so by going to their Account Menu and selecting Approve Visitors.


Select to Approve or Reject the visitors. Once a visitor is approved, they will receive an email. 


Invite Email

When the guests are granted approval to the gallery by the photographer or the main client, they will receive an email. You can edit the copy of the email by going to Settings → Email Packages. The email is titled Project Acces Granted. To edit the email, create a new email package, hover over the template and click the pencil icon.