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User Login: Access, Password Creation & Management

Pic-Time has created an innovative gallery system that allows each gallery visitor to have their own secure customer account. Each account tier comes with certain privileges, including the download permissions defined by the photographer. The individual account system brings more features to the photographers, such as the ability for main clients to be able to fulfill selection requests, view personalized store banners, secure campaign tracking and hide photos. 

There are 2 login processes that are dependent on how the visitor was invited. The 2 processes are the Personal Invitation and Visitor Optional Sign-up.

Personal Invitation: Invites sent via the email (in Pic-Time) to the Main Client, the Photographer Invited user, and the Client Invited User. During this process, the user’s email is recognized, so they will need to create their password to activate their customer account during their first sign-in experience and enter the gallery. Then, they can use their email and password to access their account at any time. If they are invited to more than one gallery, they can use the same password to log in.

Visitor Optional Sign-up: This is for Photographer Invited users entering through the direct Photographer Invited link, and for Guests entering through the Secure Guest link or Access Code

If you have Request Email Before Entering Gallery checkmarked in the project’s Gallery Setup tab, the visitor will be asked to enter their name and email, but this does not require them to create a password.

Instead, they will be asked to create an account when they engage with the gallery by favoriting photos, adding items to cart, and saving their store designs. You can also require the guest to create their account when downloading photos and sharing photos. To require this, click on Settings from the main dashboard and choose the Preferences tab. Then select Request email when downloading and sharing photos.


Below is more information about each process and how it correlates to various invite options in Pic-Time. 

Personal Invitation

When the Main Client, Photographer Invited, or Client Invited user is invited via email, they will be prompted to create a password associated with their email address to activate their account. You can send a personal invitation to the Main Client or the Photographer Invited visitor by sending an email or a link (Main Client only).


When they access the gallery for the first time, they will be presented with a password suggestion or they can change the password. 

If the Main Client emailed invite is accidentally forwarded over to other guests, they can click It’s not me, View as a Guest to access the gallery as a guest. Photographer Invited emails cannot view as a guest.


This user will now be recognized as a guest and will follow Visitor Optional Sign-up process. 

Visitor Optional Sign-up

If you would like to require an email before the visitor is prompted to create a customer account, check-mark Request email before entering the gallery in the Gallery Setup tab.


This will affect Photographer Invited and Guest users entering via the secure links in the Share tab or the Sharing Tool in the gallery navigation bar from the Main Client’s perspective. These users will be asked to enter their Name and Email prior to entering the gallery but it will not create a customer account until they engage with the gallery by favoriting photos, adding items to cart, and saving their store designs.



If you choose not to request emails before entering, the user will immediately view the gallery, and then be asked to create an account after they favorite photos, add items to the cart, or save store designs. Visitors can skip this action as well. 

Gallery Pre-Registration 

Gallery Pre-Registration allows users to enter their email to be notified when the gallery is live. To read a full tutorial on this feature click here

Password Management or Resetting the Password

To protect the security and privacy of each user, the password is managed by the user. The account password can be managed in their settings or they can reset the password using the Don’t Have a Password or Forgot Password feature at the login prompt. An email with a reset link will be sent to them.

Users can manage their own account password when they’re logged into the gallery. From the Account Menu icon click Settings


Change your password and select Save Changes.