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What is the image optimizer on the uploader app?

Pic-Time offers an image optimizer built right into the Uploader app to save you time from using programs such as JPEGmini. This helps increase upload and download speeds due to the optimizer repackaging the image file to a smaller file size.

This is similar to programs like JPEGmini or quality export settings in photo programs, which simply packages the file in a better way and removes unneeded data to save space. It does not change your image resolution (dpi/ppi) or image dimensions (pixel count). The optimizer is compressing each photo with a number of different JPG parameters and compares the result to the original image, then selects the best compression that has no noticeable change of the image. The optimized files are still perfect for printing and are the same resolution and pixel dimensions as when you upload them. With the optimized JPGs you enjoy a much faster upload and your clients enjoy a much faster download. To see the effect, you can download an uploaded photo and compare it to your original high-res image.

However, if you still would like the optimizer turned off, simply reach out to our livechat and a support agent will be able to remove it from your account. Just keep in mind that this will slow upload and download speeds.