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Which dynamic text tokens are available?

Pic-Time allows a series of dynamic text tokens to be used throughout the site. Dynamic text tokens can be used to populate previously saved information from your account. For example, you can use the token {username} in your email templates. When you send the Gallery Invite Email using the {username} token, the name will be generated from the Share Tab of the relevant project. Below is a list of available dynamic text tokens. 

{code} : the discount code from the coupon

{exp-days} : number of days until the coupon is expired

{exp-date} : the expiration date of the coupon

{brandname} : account brand name

{brandemail} : account brand service email

{brandwww} : account brand URL

{username} : the recipient name

{useremail} : the recipient email

{galleryname} : the gallery name

Specific Sales Automation Apps may have additional tokens