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Holiday Orders Shipping Delays 2020


Due to the pandemic and now, the distribution of the vaccine in the US & Canada, shipping couriers are prioritizing vaccine distribution. With the high volume of Holiday orders, labs are unable to guarantee shipping transit times and some print orders will be delayed.

At the moment, these delays are affecting shipments from any lab. The packaged orders are leaving the facilities, but boxes are not being scanned in/updated in a timely manner. Tracking information is not reliable online since many packages are not being scanned and are updated as late as the day of delivery. 

We apologize for the inconvenience! Since packages are leaving the print labs and are backed up with the couriers, shipping delays are something that we are unable to control. All labs have doubled up their staff efforts and are doing their best with meeting the Holiday deadlines.

We encourage you to let your clients know of the current situation, as their orders might not make it in time for Christmas. We created a suggested email template that you can use to send to your clients if you wish:

Hi there,

I just want to give an update on your order purchased through your gallery! Due to the current distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, major couriers have prioritized vaccine delivery over other packages. Your order may be delayed with the carrier since they’re unable to guarantee deadlines at this time.

Some packages are in route for timely delivery, but they’re not being scanned so the tracking information is not updated online. I really hope your order can make it there by Christmas! So sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused during this unusual and crazy time we are experiencing.

Thanks for your understanding!