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How can I adjust who collects the payment in my Pic-Time store?

The store system allows the payment to be collected by:

  • Pic-Time (default) 
  • The photographer (not available on the Free Plan)

Payment Collected by Pic-Time

When the photographer chooses to have the payment collected by Pic-time, we take care of everything relating to sales tax and payments. The appropriate sales tax from each order is collected and filed by Pic-Time. The net positive profits (total amount paid by the client minus the production and shipping cost) from sales made in the store are deposited into the photographer’s PayPal account on the 1st and 15th of each month as long as

  • the total profit amount is over $20
  • the sale was made 7 days prior to the deposit date
  • your account information has your PayPal email, address, phone number, Name on Invoice and Tax Number  

In this case, Pic-Time is the selling entity for the order and the order confirmation will display the Pic-Time logo. The client’s credit card statements will show Pic-Time as the processing company and all order confirmations will be sent via email from Pic-Time. After advising the photographer, our support is able to refund a sale if there is a problem with the product/delivery and it does not meet our service standards.

At the end of the year, Pic-Time will send the appropriate tax documentation to the photographer with a summary of their store profits.

Payment Collected by the Photographer

When the photographer chooses to collect the payment themselves, the photographer is the selling entity for the order and they are responsible for everything relating to sales tax and payments. The original order amount paid by the client in the store is immediately transferred to the photographer (Stripe or PayPal, unless Offline is chosen), while the production and shipping cost of the order is charged to the photographer’s credit card on file. The photographer is the sole decision-maker when it comes to refunding an order to the client and can process the refund using their Stripe, PayPal or any other avenue they used to collect the original amount.

Photographers are able, but not required, to self-fulfill items. They are still able to use the labs which are integrated with the Pic-Time system. When the payments are collected by the photographer there is no commission fee collected by Pic-time (expect on the Free Plan-- 15% commission is collected at all times). 

Some benefits of collecting the payments as a photographer are:

  1. Use a currency other than USD
  2. Self-fulfill products in the store
  3. Collect payments and avoid sales commission 
  4. Adjust sales tax rate(s)
  5. Quicker/immediate deposits
  6. Order email confirmation is branded with their brand

Adjusting Store Settings

Begin by clicking on the Settings from the main dashboard.


Select the Store Settings tab and click on Setup


Click on the drop-down menu under Payment Collected By, and select Pic-Time or Me (Photographer)


For a tutorial on how to add additional account information needed to receive profits from sales, click here.

Payment Collected by Pic-Time Setup

After selecting Pic-time under Payment Collected By, input the PayPal email address to allow the deposits to be made to your PayPal account. Click Apply to save your settings. 


Payment Collected by the Photographer Setup

Select to accept payments through PayPal, Stripe or Offline


PayPal Payment Method

To connect a PayPal Business account as a payment to deposit method, click on PayPal and select Setup


Go to your API Credentials in your PayPal business account and click on Manage API credentials


Click Show and copy the credentials from each row. 


Paste the credential into the PayPal Setup window on Pic-Time and click Apply.  



To connect a Stripe account, click on Stripe and select Setup


From the Stripe Dashboard click on the Developers tab. 


Click API keys


Reveal the Token for the Secret Key. Copy the Publishable Key Token and the Secret Key Token

Paste the Publishable Key and the Secret Key click Apply


Offline Payment Method

Choose Offline if you wish to accept cash, checks or any other payment method. Orders will be placed on hold and will require your approval. Click Setup to enter a message to your client. 


Explain how you will expect to get the payment; your client will see this message after placing an order. When finished, click Apply.

Click Apply to save the adjusted settings. 


Below is an example of what the client will see when they place their order. The confirmation page will include the photographer message and photographer name.