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How can I collect iDEAL payments from my clients? (Netherlands merchants only)

Using Stripe is one of the ways you can collect payments in your gallery store. By connecting stipe, you will be able to collect iDEAL payments from your clients. First, you must configure your store to collect payments using your Stripe account. Then, make sure that you choose "Netherlands" as your country under your account settings. 

First, enable iDEAL payments in your Stripe account. Go to Stripe > Payment Methods > Select iDEAL. Then, connect your Stripe account to Pic-Time by following the steps below. 

Connect Payments through Stripe

To begin, click Settings from the main dashboard. 


Under the Store Settings tab, click Setup. 


Select to collect payments as a photographer (yourself), then click Setup under the Stripe option. 


You will need to enter your API credentials into the Pic-Time. To retrieve your credentials, click on the Developers tab from the Stripe Dashboard. 

Click API keys. 

Reveal the Token for the Secret Key. Copy the Publishable Key Token and the Secret Key Token. 

Paste the Publishable Key and the Secret Key click Apply

Set Netherlands as Your Country

Once you have connected your Stripe account, selected the Netherlands as your country under the Profile tab.