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How do I modify a CSV list and use it in Lightroom?

When downloading a CSV list, you can add a file extension to the filename (for example .JPG, .PNG etc.). This may help with more accurate search results when searching in Lightroom or through your computer files. You can also copy the filenames without downloading the CSV document to your computer. The CSV generated is based on the filenames uploaded to Pic-Time. 

Downloading a CSV List

Click CSV List to download. 

If needed, type the extension you would like to add to the filenames. 


You can click Download CSV to download a text file or click Lightroom Copy List to copy the list (which can be pasted into the Lightroom search bar). 


Search in Lightroom

Select the gallery where you would like to search the files. 

In the first drop-down menu for Searchable Text select Filename

In the second drop-down menu, select Contains

Paste the CSV list in the Search Bar. You can search all of the filenames separated by a coma at the same time.