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How are photos accessible from cloud storage?

Your photos are stored on a secure Microsoft based cloud storage. Within the first year that the photos are uploaded, they’re available immediately upon download. After the first year, the photos are moved to a secure, long-term Microsoft storage. These photos have delayed accessibility, therefore when you or your client tries to download photos that were uploaded more than a year ago, it will take 2-15 hours to package the photos for download. For photographers, this process will take less than 1 hour. You and your client will be notified via email once the photos are ready to be downloaded.

Client Download Process

When the client downloads their photos, they can click Prepare & Notify Me when their photos are packaged and ready to be downloaded. 

Photographer Download Process

When you download photos from the gallery Workflow tab, you can click Prepare & Notify Me. You will receive an email once your photos are ready for download.