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FAQ: International Shipments, Duties & Taxes, etc.

1.Where is my lab located vs the currency they offer?

Due to Brexit, orders shipped between the United Kingdom and countries within Europe may be subjected to duties and taxes. Please be aware of your print lab location when you are choosing your print lab in Pic-Time. Some print labs within Pic-Time work with a certain currency, however, they’re located in a different country. Here’s a list of labs that work with a certain currency and their location: 

Loxley (EUR currency) is located in the United Kingdom

QT Albums (GBP & USD currencies) is located in Poland

Nphoto (GBP & USD currencies) is located in Poland  

If you have any questions about taxes, please contact your local government agencies for more info. 

If you would like to avoid additional taxes charged to your client, please choose a lab and products that are located within your region. You can set your lab under Store > Store Settings. 

2.What shipping methods are available to the UK from Europe?

In your client’s gallery store, the only current shipping method available to the United Kingdom from Europe is ‘International Economy’.

3.Who is responsible for paying duties and taxes for my client’s order?

Your client is responsible for paying duties and taxes on their order once the order is received. 

4.Are duties and taxes calculated once the order is placed?

Duties and taxes are calculated during the shipment process, and not during the ordering process in their Pic-Time gallery. Your client will be notified in their cart that their local custom duty charges may apply to their order. 


5.Does my international invoice include an invoice?

When an order is shipped from an international lab, the packaging includes a commercial invoice (or Pro Forma) for duties & taxes purposes. The commercial invoice includes the print lab’s name, the price the recipient has paid and/or the cost price of the item.