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How can I add a form to my custom product?

When you create a custom product in your Pic-Time store, you can add a custom form with a variety of fields to collect information from the buyer. This can help you gather important information from your client in order to complete their purchase. For example, you can add a custom product for a session and collect information from your client that you would need to finalize their booking. 

This form will be displayed within your custom product, and it will need to be filled out by your client before they add it to their cart to complete their purchase. 

In this tutorial, we will guide you through adding a form to your custom products.

Setting up Your Form

First, create a custom product by following these steps.
Then, within your custom product setup, check-mark Add Form and click Edit Form

Click +Add Question

You can choose between adding a question with an answer in a form of any of these options: 

Fill out the contents of your question, such as the question title, or body text (this will be displayed below the question title). If you have questions with pre-loaded answers, you will need to fill those out as well. 

Check whether or not the question is required to be filled out. 

You can delete any of the questions if you would like. Hover over the question and click the trash icon

If you have multiple question fields, you can rearrange the order that they’re displayed in your form. 

Once you are happy with your form, click Done and save your custom product. You can also click Preview to make sure your form is set up correctly.

That’s it! Your form will now display within the custom product, in the store. Your client will be asked to answer the questions before they place the item in their cart.