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How can I add custom products to the store?

In addition to offering an array of items in the store, Pic-time allows photographers to add their own custom products. The custom products are required to be self-fulfilled with payment self-collected by you, and you can even automate the self-fulfilled orders by automatically sending the product files directly to your lab. To learn more about order automation click here.

Adding Custom Products

First you want to make sure that you are collecting payments by you (the photographer) in your store settings, and to do that, please follow these steps.

Then you can begin setting up your custom product. First, click Settings from the main dashboard. 

Go to Store Pricing and click on the + icon to add a new item. 

Enter the product name and click OK. 

Editing Custom Product Info

Adjust the Product Name and the Storefront Subtitle. The Product Name and the Storefront Subtitle will be displayed on the front page of the store. 

Choose the product group and product image. The product image will be used on the main storefront, store editor, and shopping cart. You can also personalize your product image by using the client gallery photos. When you define this option, your client photos will be displayed in your product image. To learn more about it, click here

Checkmark This product is delivered digitally if you want the images from this product to be delivered via email to your client after their purchase. 

Checkmark This Product Requires Photo Selection if you would like the client to select images for this item. When choosing the amount of the photos, you can decide between: Any Amount, Specific Amount or Maximum Amount that the client will be able to select for this product. If you select a digital delivery for this product and do not require a selection of photos, all images from the gallery will be sent to the buyer of this product.

Checkmark Quantity selection per photo if you would like the client to be able to input multiple copies of a single image. 

You can also select to add a form to this custom product. Your client will be able to fill out the form as they’re ordering their product. Follow these steps to set up. 

Enter the description, production time and any additional product photos to be displayed. 

Click Apply when finished. 

Pricing Set-up

Under the pricing section of the item you can edit the name of the item, shipping prices, pricing, and add more sizes/varying items. Click Apply when finished.