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How can I automate Self Fulfill lab items?

Each self fulfill product in the store can be configured to be automatically sent to another recipient after the order is placed by the client. This helps create a smoother workflow for the photographer.

The automation tool is ideal for: 

-Sending the order JPEG files to the lab 

-Setting up high-resolution packages (via the custom product feature) for the storefront and sending the JPEGs to the client after purchase (available for custom products only).

Below are directions on how to use the automation tool as well as some example workflows. 

Self Fulfill Automation

Click Settings from the main dashboard. 


Hover over the item you would like to automate and click Edit Price.



Click Product Info.


Under the Self Fulfill tab, select Send files automatically

Fill out the fields such as Email Recipient, Subject and Message

Scroll to the top and select Save Changes once complete. 

User Cases & Workflows

Workflow: You would like to automate your self fulfill orders to be emailed directly to the lab.

You can input the email address and a general message you would like to draft for your lab representative. The lab will receive the files in a zip folder. The folder contains sub-folders for sizes, copies, designs etc. It is structured in the same way as the folder that you download from your store dashboard for self fulfill orders.    

Workflow: You sell high-resolution photos to your clients. You would like for your client to see the option for the high-resolution product in the storefront and for them to be able to download the photos once they’re purchased.

You can create a custom product for a high-resolution digital package. After customizing your product add an automation email and select Send photos to the ordering client. Please note, if you create a custom product with no photo selection then all digitals from the gallery will be sent to the client. The folder containing the photos is structured the same as all other downloaded folders from the gallery (separated by scene sub-folders & contains print release). 


Alternatively, you can add different packages that require a selection of a specific amount of photos (e.g. a package of 10 photos, 20 photos, etc.) or any amount

Lastly, you must check-mark This product is delivered digitally. This will ensure that shipping charges are waived and a relevant tax rate is applied for the digital product.


The packages will be displayed in the storefront with the rest of your store products!