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How can I create a new price list and automatically assign my desired labs?

When you create a new price list, you can set to automatically assign your preferred lab(s) to your products and choose one of Pic-Time’s pricing presets. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to do that.

To get started, click Settings from your main dashboard. 

In the Store Pricing tab, click Edit Price Lists

Click +Add More

Name your price list and then select your lab priority (note that a default selection is already set based on your business address). Set the top lab of your choice as priority 1. If the lab is not available for a product, then the system will choose the priority 2 lab. 

To learn more about our labs and where they ship to, click here.

Select what you would like to be done if none of the labs that you have chosen are available for a product. You can choose for Pic-Time to ‘auto-select a lab’ (in which case, we would select one that is available for the product) or to ‘disable product’.

If you only want to choose one lab and disable the other products not available through that lab, then you can do the following setup. 

If you want to choose a lab and self-fulfill any items not available through that lab, then you can do the following setup. Please note, in this case, we do not adjust your prices or enable the self-fulfill products. You will need to enable the self-fulfilll products and set your own prices. 

After you have chosen your lab(s) setup, you can choose your markup preset. For more details about the markup presets, click here

Advanced Tip: if you like to replace an existing price list with a new one, delete the existing price list, then you will be offered to replace it with another so simply choose to replace it with your new price list.