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How can I display my client’s gallery photos in custom products?

When you create a custom product in your store, your uploaded product image will be displayed as the tile in the gallery store. You can personalize this tile, by adding your client’s gallery photo in the product image through our algorithm that picks your client photos automatically. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to define the space in which your client’s photo should be displayed within your custom product image.

The gallery photos are chosen by Pic-Time’s smart algorithm that tracks which photos your clients are interacting when they download, favorite, or share their photos. You can influence this algorithm by going to the gallery and favoriting 6 photos. Those photos will be used in the storefront images when your client views the gallery for the first time – read more about it here.

Defining Photo Space

First, you want to go through the steps of creating your custom product. If you haven’t done so yet, you can follow these steps to create one. 

In your custom product info settings, checkmark Personalize Using Client Photos

You will then need to upload a landscape and portrait orientation of your product image. When the store tile is displayed, the system will choose a gallery photo based on an algorithm. It can be a portrait photo or a landscape photo, so it is best to prepare 2 versions of the tile. This way, the selected photo will be displayed with the right orientation and without cropping. Upload your photos by clicking on the +Plus icon

Then, hover over the photo and click the pencil icon to edit. 

Choose where you would like to place the photo box (this is where your client’s gallery photo will be displayed) by dragging the handles and placing them in the desired spot. Tip: Drag the middle handles to keep the rectangle shape. To create a diagonal shape (when the photo has perspective) use the corner handles.

You can also add another photo box if you have more multiple places where you would like to display your client’s photos. 

Once you have placed your photo box, click Apply to save. 

You can click on the eye icon to preview the image

Your client’s photos will now display in the store tile! 

Photos in Circular (or other) Shapes

To create special shapes such as circles or any other shape, upload a PNG file. Prepare the PNG image with a transparent "hole" for the required shape. Then, in the editor make sure you mark the image box corners according to the shape.

Step 1: Prepare your PNG file. 


Step 2: Uploading following the steps above.


Step 3: The photo will appear in the transparent area of the shape.