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How can I process self-fulfilled items?

Pic-Time users on a paid plan are able to self fulfill any of the products offered in the store or their own custom products. The client is able to design items in the gallery store and place their order. When items are being self fulfilled, the photographer is able to download the order and print it to a lab of their choice outside of Pic-Time. The system allows the orders to be marked as shipped and gives the photographer full control over pricing their shipping rates. 

Self Fulfill Setup

Click Settings from the main dashboard. 


Hover over the item and click Edit Price.


Select Self Fulfill from the drop-down list under the Fulfilment column.


Edit the shipping prices by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Self Fulfill Shipping. 


Edit the shipping prices. 

You can add multiple shipping tiers if necessary for different items offered in the store. Click Apply once done. 

If you have more than one Shipping Tier option, you can select it in the drop-down list under the Self-Fulfill Shipping column. 


Click Product Info to edit the description and production time of the item.


Edit the description, production time and photos for the product. 


You can also automate the files. Click Save Changes once done. 


Accessing Orders

To access orders that are in queue to self-fulfill, click on the Sales & Automation tab from the main dashboard. 


Click on the Orders tab. 


Click on the Self-Fulfill tab and select the order. 

Downloading Order

To download the client proof click the downward facing arrow

Open the order file. The Cropped_Layouts folder consists of the JPEG designs that were approved by the client. These files are ready to be sent over to your desired printing company. Below are some examples.


The first 2 files are the front and back of the cover. The following files are the consecutive pages of the magazine. For example, file imposed-2 is the left side of the first spread and file imposed-3 is the right side of the first spread. 

The Originals folder consists of the original (non-cropped), high-res files used for each spread. For example, this is the image used for the front cover. The folder is divided in subfolders that includes Cover, Spread 1, Spread 2, etc. 


In the cropped_layouts folder, the last file titled imposed-00000.jpg is the cover of the album. The rest of the files are the consecutive pages of the magazine. File titled cmp-000002 is the first spread, file titled cmp-000003 is the second spread etc.


In the cropped_layouts folder, are located folders that indicate the number of copies of each image. The folder titled originals consists of the original images (no cropping adjustments made by the client). 

Shipment Tracking

To locate client name, email and shipping address click on Shipping Info

To save the tracking information for the order click on the Box Icon

Checkmark the items included in the shipment, choose carrier and input tracking number.

Click Mark as Shipped. Your client will receive an email with the tracking information.