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How can I sell high-resolution digitals through my gallery?

You can sell high-resolution digitals in your gallery by using the gallery settings (the products will show in the gallery and in the store) or you can create separate custom products that will only show up in the store. In this tutorial, we will go over how to set-up high-resolution downloads using your gallery settings and show you the purchasing process in the gallery.

First, enable the High-Res Downloads in your store by going to Settings

Go to the Store Pricing tab and enable the High-Res Downloads product by check-marking the item. 

Set your pricing for downloading. You can do price per individual image OR create packages using tiered pricing OR set a flat rate for the whole gallery using tiered pricing. Note, if you want to have all 2 or 3 of the pricing options available, you will need to create custom products for downloads. Once you have set-up your pricing, click < Back to go to the main dashboard and into your gallery.

Once you have set-up your prices, you will need to make sure the price list is applied to the gallery. Go to the Gallery Setup tab and choose your price list. 

You can also allow some free photos by check-marking Client can download photos > Settings.

Set which photos and which type of user will be able to download free photos. 

Photos not available for download will be available for purchase.

Now your client can purchase High-Res Downloads through the gallery. To see the process of purchasing high-resolution digitals, check out this tutorial.