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How can I sell the whole gallery at a fixed price?

Tiered pricing allows a photographer to sell the collection of all of the high-resolution images from the gallery at a fixed price, or create multiple pricing packages for high-resolution downloads.

Setting up Pricing

To get started, click on Settings from the main dashboard. 


In the Store Pricing tab, hover over Sell High-Res Downloads and click on Edit Price.


Mark the Tiered Pricing box and select Edit Tiered Pricing


Set 1 and above to the total pricing of the gallery (e.g. $100) and any additional photos to $0.00. Once finished, click Apply twice. 


The client will be charged the fixed gallery price each time they download their images. To avoid paying the fixed gallery price multiple times, it is recommended that they select all photos with their first purchase. 

In addition, tiered pricing allows you to create pricing packages for high-resolution downloads. To learn more about creating pricing packages for downloads, click here