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How can I set fixed pricing in my currency with international labs?

The print labs display the product cost in their own currency through your settings, but the prices in your store are displayed to the client in the selected store currency (which you set in your store settings).

Prices, costs, and your profit may change with the changing exchange rate.  

To allow flexibility, there are two options on how you can handle your store prices:

  1. By Default: The store prices are set in the lab’s currency in your settings but convert for your client’s display, therefore the price will fluctuate based on the current exchange rate but your profit will remain constant.
  2. You can set the store prices at your currency. This way, you set the final price in your currency, and as the currency exchange rate changes throughout the time, your store price will remain the same (but your profit will vary based on the exchange rate)

To set the prices at your currency, go to Settings. 

Under the Store Settings tab, check-mark Always set pricing using my currency.

Please note: be sure to set your currency under Store Settings > Payments Setup