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How can I set up the shipping rates to be covered by me (photographer)?

When items are ordered in the store the clients pay the shipping cost when placing their order. The shipping cost can be managed for any of self-fulfill items. If the items are fulfilled by any of the labs integrated with Pic-Time, the shipping rates are set by the lab via the Pic-Time system. On any occasion, the photographer is able to offer free shipping to the client. They can do so by selecting to cover the shipping cost in their store settings. The shipping cost will be charged to the photographer’s card on file. The photographer must choose to collect the payments in their store in order to use this feature.

Covering Shipping Rates

Click Settings from the main dashboard. 


In the Store Pricing tab, hover over the item and click Edit Price.


Click on the drop-down menu under Shipping paid by client and select which shipping you (a photographer) would like to cover. This will display $0 in the client’s cart for the chosen shipping method.