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How can I upload custom album spreads into the store?

Pic-Time supports the design process of albums within the store, straight from the gallery. For those who are looking for different designs, there's a way to integrate it into the system so that your client will have all your image communication in one ecosystem.  

If you would like to use your custom designs for album purchasing through the gallery store, there are two ways to upload them. You can upload the spreads in a separate scene or in the store designer tool.

Uploading Custom Spreads to a Scene

When you upload your custom albums in a separate scene, your client will have it along with their images and will be able to use it in the future in case you have a special album offer. 

They can hide the spreads by using the hide option so guests won’t see it.

Begin by uploading your custom spreads into a new scene under the Photos tab. The optimal size for spreads is 8268x4214pixels, with margins of 260px (left & right) and 300px (top &bottom).  

You or your main clients can choose to hide the albums from the guest users. You can still use the spreads to design an album in the store, even if they’re hidden. 


Upload Custom Spreads to Product Editor

Select the album from the store. Hover over the album spread and click Edit

Click My Photos to upload your album spreads. The optimal size for spreads is 8268x4214pixels, with margins of 260px (left & right) and 300px (top &bottom). . 

Designing Using Custom Album Spreads

Select the layout that covers the whole page and choose your uploaded album spread. 


Once you are done placing the designed pages in the spreads, you can Add to Cart to purchase the album or use the Send to Client feature to send the product to your client. For more information on how to send the finished product to your client, click here.