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How do I receive payouts to my PayPal account? (payments collected by Pic-Time)

When the store payment is collected by Pic-Time, profits from sales made in the store are deposited into the photographer’s PayPal account on the 1st and 15th of each month as long as:

  • the total profit amount is over $20
  • the sale was made 7 days prior to the deposit date
  • your account information has your PayPal email, address, phone number, Name on Invoice and Tax Number 

A 1099 form is sent to you at the beginning of the year to report the sum of profits made from your store sales for the previous year. 

Updating your Account Information  

Begin by clicking on Settings from your main dashboard. 


Under the Profile tab, add your address. Make sure your address (no P.O. box) with zip code and phone number is entered correctly. 


Under the Plans & Billing tab, enter the name under which you operate your business in the Name on Invoice field, then enter the matching Tax Number (an EIN or SSN for US photographers).  


Adding your Paypal Email

In your Settings > Store Settings tab, click the Setup button under the Payments section.


Enter the PayPal email and click Apply.


To learn more about how to adjust who collects store payments, click here.