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How do I recover deleted store order files?

When an order is placed in the store, the high-resolution files are used to process the order through production. If the high-resolution files are not available, the order will not process in production. The high-resolution files may be missing because the photos were deleted after the order was placed or because the high-resolution versions didn’t finish uploading to the gallery.

You will receive a warning in the store if the high-resolution photos are not available. Use the restore function to recover the files back to the gallery.

Restoring Order Files

Access the order through the Sales & Automation tab on the main dashboard.


In the Orders tab, click on the order displaying Error - Deleted Photos as the status.


Click on the Product Photos icon.


Click Restore Missing

Your Uploader App will be activated and will try to automatically locate and re-upload the missing file(s) into the gallery. 

If the Uploader App cannot locate the file(s), the names of the file(s) will be listed. You will need to re-upload the file(s) back into the gallery through the Photo tab of the Project. Make sure to upload the file with the same File Name. Simply upload the photo(s) into the gallery and click Replace Exisiting

Once you re-upload the images, click Restore Missing again to run diagnostics using the Uploader App. 

If the files have been successfully reuploaded, you will see confirmations that the order can be approved for production. Click OK

Once you received confirmation that the files have been files have been restored, you can click Approve - Errors Fixed to send the order to production.


Click Send to Production to confirm. 

Your order is now sent to production!