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How do I send JPEG files used for an order to my client?

When a client places their order, they use the photos from the gallery to order items from the store. If needed, you can send the order files to your client automatically (available on Self-Fulfill products only) or manually. The JPEG files are delivered in a zip folder via an email to the recipient.

Sending Order Files

Click Sales & Automation from the main dashboard.


Click the Orders tab and select the order from which you would like to send the JPEG files.


Click the Order Photos icon for the product.


Click Send (Note, you can also download the files to your computer or download a CSV list of the filenames). 

Enter the recipient email and draft your message. 

Select Send full resolution files if you would like to send the files in the original size (high-resolution). You can also send resized images. Enter the MAX width and height of the photo and select the compression. Click Send Email when ready. 

Your email containing the zip folder with the photos has been sent